Saturday, July 31, 2010

Build-A-Better: Solar Dehydrator

This is Fix Shit Up!'s first contest to see who can fix shit up the best. After witnessing several incarnations of solar dehydrators at Golden Ears Farm as well as reading and listening to others attempts, it's time to open this up to the interweb-netterspace public.

The goal: To create an electricity-free food dehydrator. It doesn't have to necessarily run on solar, but the sun does just happen to produce lots of free heat. Why not take advantage of it? Why, instead do we pay for our dehydrating instead of using what's already around and FREE!

The winner of Fix Shit Up's Build-A-Better: Solar Dehydrator Challenge will receive a t-shirt.

We'll be posting up entries and deciding which model has the most dehydration potential.
We're looking for maximum fruit space, easy cleanability, insect/small animal proofing, and dehydration power. If you build it, they will shrivel up and taste good during the winter!

Tell all your friends and BUILD-A-BETTER: SOLAR DEHYDRATOR!

Contest doesn't end until we come up with designs for a dehydrator that can actually do all those things listed above as good as or better than an electric "excaliber" model.

Plans can also be for a "community-size" dehydrator.

Good luck!

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